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Internet and social media have changed our lives completely. Millennial these days are way more advanced and updated than millennial of the 90s. Do you even remember that we used to live without internet? It is so weird to imagine how we spent those days without internet. It would be impossible in today’s lifestyle. Studies say that people (millennial) mostly use internet and social media for entertainment. Here is a new trending app which teenagers of this generation find entertaining. Yes, it’s the new FaceApp Pro.


Developer: FaceApp Inc
Price: Free+
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What is this app?

This is another face-morphing app that changes your face or has different filters. It claims to use artificial intelligence to give your face different expressions and looks. It basically makes your face look funny, sometimes older, and sometimes younger. It is a whole new ‘social media’ thing these days.

It also uses neural face transformation technology to give you different facial expressions every time you change your filters. It is a little bit like your already existing photo editing apps, but this one adds extra creepiness and coolness to your pictures through filters.

Famous filters of this application

  • Smile: As the name says, it adds a smile to your pictures.
  • Young: See your younger self with this filter.
  • Old: Do you how you look when you’re old? With this filter, you can.
  • Male: Adds male features to your pics.
  • Female: Adds female features to your photo.

It’s good to have fun every once in a while. Since social media has become the source for it, why not make use of it? FaceApp Pro has much more advanced features than the first edition. Launch the app on your phone, update the latest version of it, and use it while hanging out with your friends and have fun.


How to Install?

  1. Click on “Download FaceApp Pro MOD APK” Button
  2. Now “FaceApp Pro MOD APK” installation is completely available online.
  3. So you will not have to worry about any kind of virus downloading files.
  4. Once you click the Download Button, the installation process will start.
  5. You should Accept “User License Agreement” By Clicking “I Understand” Button.
  6. After that select “Unlimited Resources” & “Lifetime Updates
  7. So installation process will begin and let it install this game mod completely on your Android Phone.
  8. Open Installed Game MOD and Enjoy the Cracked Version of it.

Install FaceApp Pro MOD APK on Your Device

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