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dragon ball z dokkan battle

Dragon Ball Z, the beloved franchise has put together yet another masterpiece in the form of a mobile game. Introducing Dragon Ballz Dokkan Battle, a 2D role-playing game that is sure to gain your attention. Released in 2015 by Bandai Namco, this game has it all. An exciting storyline, awesome graphics, immersive gameplay, and loads of other features. The fans of the dragon ball universe are surely going to love this game because of its awe-inspiring narration. The player has to collect different characters from the dragon ball Z universe and train them to level up. There are hundreds of reasons why one should try out this game. Read further to know some of those reasons.

dragon ball z dokkan battle

Game Overview

This game is a combination of good old role-playing and colour matching. It is available on android and iOS platforms. The most exciting feature of this game is its innovative storyline. The game begins with the Trunks’ time machine crashing into planet earth and the entire dragon ball verse has been thrown into chaos. The player’s objective is to stop the dimension from colliding. This is achieved by fighting with other heroes. The player is guided by king Kai and Trunks as he/she moves forward in the storyline. Some of the best features of this game include-

  • The astonishing variety of characters is actually pretty amazing. The player fights against Saiyans, Androids , gods and also humans.
  • Variety of game modes: Not just characters, but this game also has a large number of game modes. This ensures that the player never gets bored.
  • Unique and exciting gameplay: The player has to match coloured Ki balls that will ensure maximum and powerful delivery of attacks.

Dragon Ballz Dokkan Battle requires a great deal of strategy building and smart team building. This combined with its gameplay makes up for a wholesome game that DBZ fans love. It is completely free, and that’s a great deal you are getting for the sheer quality of this game.


How to Install?

  1. Click on “Download Dragon Ballz Dokkan Battle MOD APK” Button
  2. Now “Dragon Ballz Dokkan Battle MOD APK” installation is completely available online.
  3. So you will not have to worry about any kind of virus downloading files.
  4. Once you click the Download Button, the installation process will start.
  5. You should Accept “User License Agreement” By Clicking “I Understand” Button.
  6. After that select “Unlimited Resources” & “Lifetime Updates
  7. So installation process will begin and let it install this game mod completely on your Android Phone.
  8. Open Installed Game MOD and Enjoy the Cracked Version of it.

Install Dragon Ballz Dokkan Battle MOD APK on Your Device

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